Development and preliminary evaluation of the simulation model C- maize VT1.0

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

C-Maize VT1.0 is a simulation model of corn (Zea mays) growth in a soil plant atmosphere continuum. The purpose of developing the C-Maize VT1.0 simulation model was to provide an additional tool to researcher’s investigating the affects of water and nitrogen stress on corn growth and the movement of water and nitrates in the soil. The user may select either a 1-dimensional or a 2-dimensional approach to the simulation of the soil system. After an initial series of runs and a preliminary assessment of the model’s credibility it was concluded that the 2-dimensional approach provided a ‘sufficiently credible’ solution to modeling all aspects of the soil-plant-atmosphere system. The 1-dimensional approach as currently programmed provides a ‘non-credible solution’. The 1-dimensional approach failed to adequately simulate the soil subsystem and failed to simulate the plant’s response to water and nitrogen stresses.