The Abaqus/CAE Plug-in for Premium Threaded connection 3D parameter Finite Element Model

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Virginia Tech

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is proposed to simulate the connection response of practical in-service conditions and test the performance of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) premium threaded connections. A plug-in is developed in Abaqus/CAE for creating the 360-degree full 3D parametric finite element model with helical threads as an effective design and analysis tool. All size, position and material data of the model are parameterized. The premium connection plug-in accepts input from the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for further modification. Each premium connection component is programed as a collection of single-purpose independent functions organized as an independent module in order to allow users to modify specific function behavior conveniently. A main program is designed as an Abaqus kernel plug-in to achieve all the functions by calling these independent functions, making the plug-in flexible. Each single script file is not too long to jeopardize readability. The GUI of the plug-in is designed with proper layout arrangement and illustrations to make the plug-in user-friendly and easy to use. The premium connection FE model is used in a virtual test to validate the model against the ISO 13679 test protocol and is used to develop the seal metrics for points on the ISO 13679 sealability envelope. The plug-in can be used to develop and evaluate the design envelope of the premium connection.

Finite element method, Abaqus/CAE, plug-in, Modeling