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Virginia Tech

This thesis begins by transposing two specific architectural design approaches upon the design of residence quarters for a school of architecture. There are numerous approaches in design conception. Any one of these can assist in an architectsâ building design, from the organization of the spaces inside, to how the form is generated. However many of these are confined to the architectural type in which they are derived. This project explores the possibility of transposing two approaches in museum design toward a different â typeâ of building.

The Labyrinth is a design approach which focuses on the intent of the architect to direct the patron through a museum building on a designated path. The building is conceived as a container to house the art and give the patron a defined path of movement through space. Although, from the outside, the building would appear simple the path on the inside increases in complexity through a series of interconnected spaces. The â white boxâ approach is based upon an idea of creating a building as a palette for the artist. The building lends itself to giving the artist boundaries that they must explore in order to express their individual work. The artist uses the space to portray their artwork as they wish the patron to encounter it. The building doesnâ t exist as a silent landscape, but creates a dialogue between the artist, the work, and itself.

From these thoughts, the design of the residence building began. The intent is to design a structure which allows the students to discover a new interaction with their residence. The concept of the â transformation of a lineâ , questions the depth of space that can be created by the cut and shift of a single line in a two-dimensional plane. The form quickly evolved into complexity, making the architecture a frame for a dynamic quality of life.

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