Resilient Ford's Landing: Stormwater Management, Urban Heat Island Mitigation, and Energy Production

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Virginia Tech


Located on floodplains of the Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria, Ford's Landing boasts a rich history, once known as the Ford Plant. Evolving from its industrial past, it underwent a transformative development in 1996, emerging as the rowhouse neighborhood that we now know today. Developed for a wealthy living in Old Town Alexandria, the neighborhood Ford's Landing now confronts geographical challenges exacerbated by the evolving impacts of Climate Change.

In response to these challenges, 'Resilient Ford's Landing' is a project that focuses on three pivotal topics: stormwater management, urban heat island mitigation, and energy production. It strives to redefine Ford's Landing as a sustainable and resilient place by retrofitting, innovating, and tailoring solutions to the site as well as improving the quality of life for its residents while being a better, model neighbor against the adverse effects of a changing climate.



stormwater management, urban heat island, energy production, sustainable neighborhood, resilient neighborhood, climate change