Gated Transformer-Based Architecture for Automatic Modulation Classification


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Virginia Tech


This thesis delves into the advancement of 5G portable test-nodes in wireless communication systems with cognitive radio capabilities, specifically addressing the critical need for dynamic spectrum sensing and awareness at the radio receiver through AI-driven automatic modulation classification. Our methodology is centered around the transformer encoder architecture incorporating a multi-head self-attention mechanism. We train our architecture extensively across a diverse range of signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) from the RadioML 2018.01A dataset. We introduce a novel transformer-based architecture with a gated mechanism, designed as a runtime re-configurable automatic modulation classification framework, which demonstrates enhanced performance with low SNR RF signals during evaluation, an area where conventional methods have shown limitations, as corroborated by existing research. Our innovative single-model framework employs distinct weight sets, activated by varying SNR levels, to enable a gating mechanism for more accurate modulation classification. This advancement in automatic modulation classification marks a crucial step toward the evolution of smarter communication systems.



artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural networks, transformer, automatic modulation classification