Performing Architecture: A Thesis on Playful Design

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Virginia Tech


There is an element of play within all of us. It is imagination and interaction that makes us human. In this digital age, it is evident that we are losing touch with our own ability to remain imaginative and explore new and different ways to physically interact with our environment. In this thesis, it is my goal is to design in a way that does not limit human abilities, but instead promotes the idea of play between our wants and needs as well as re-sparking our imagination.

In this thesis exploration, I experimented with multiple scales of playful design. I will show you how I implemented the idea of play for the design of a kite, a toy, a furniture piece, and a building. All of these projects are examples of designs that could have been static elements, but instead were designed to be dynamic to complement our everyday dynamic lives.




Architecture, play, Performance, performing, playful, Design, thesis, Alex, Taylor