A study of parental concerns regarding the care of school age children in Prince William County, Virginia

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Virginia Tech

This study investigated the concerns and opinions of parents regarding supplemental care for children in the kindergarten through fifth grade age group; recommendations of parents for the improvement of present and future child care in the communities; and the differences between the responses of the rural non-farm and urban parents.

Data obtained from the 213 questionnaires voluntarily completed by the parents of the rural non-farm and urban communities revealed that parents preferred home care by a relative or close neighbor; that quality of child care and quality of supervision were the two major factors to be considered when selecting child care services; and that 'after school' care was used more often than 'before school' care. Parent responses in both rural non-farm and urban areas were generally in agreement. Lack of transportation and 'after school' care programs in their communities were cited by parents as concerns.

after school child care