Empowering Actors Through Viewpoints


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Whereas many directors who happen to teach devising or movement may be misrepresenting and/or underestimating the full and cross-­genre potential of systems like Anne Bogart & Tina Landau’s Viewpoints, thereby unconsciously passing on their own aesthetic preferences to their students and perpetuating a narrow view of the system as innately “avant-garde” or experimental, I will aim to articulate a philosophy of Viewpoints training and education which empowers, rather than manipulates actors, preparing them for devising and performance across a variety of styles, ranging from Clown and Commedia to Realism and the avant-­garde.

In this 20 minute lecture/demonstration, I aim to expand the audience’s conception of the Viewpoints as a method of actor training (across styles and genres) through a pointed critique of many of the misconceptions and misapplications of the methodology.



theatre, acting, Viewpoints, Butoh, devising, actor training, theatre training, theatre pedagogy, ensemble, performing arts, teaching practice as research, creative practice, creative practice as research, practice-as-research