Development of an Omni-directional Gait Generator and a Stabilization Feedback Controller for Humanoid Robots

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Virginia Tech

Bipedal locomotion in humanoid robots is a very challenging problem within the field of robot locomotion. In this thesis, we propose and demonstrate an omni-directional walking engine that achieves stable walking using feedback from an inertial measurement unit. Our walking engine generates gaits for which the zero moment point is on the center of the supporting foot. The mechanical structure of CHARLI-L, a humanoid robot used as our test platform in this thesis, is first introduced by describing the inverse kinematics of its legs. The principles of the omni-directional gait generator that creates walking motions and overcomes the robot's mechanical deficiencies is discussed. We develop and implement two kinds of feedback controllers; one is the gait feedback controller and the other is the joint feedback controller. Both feedback controllers use proportional-derivative of the angle of the pelvis from an inertial measurement unit. The results of the experiments are presented the efficacy of our proposed walking engine.

humanoid robots, omni-directional locomotion, bipedal walking, walking stabilization with an inertial measurement, zero moment point