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Virginia Tech

This book of poetry represents my best poems written in the last 14 months. The themes that arise are not project themes but personal interests. Chronologically it charts much of my life, beginning before I’m born, and ending in an uncertain future. It focuses primarily on the last five years (trip to France, graduation from college and graduate school, and starting a family). It is not about coming of age, because the speaker doesn’t. Instead it plays with the idea of growing up, the impossibility of it and the inevitability of it. I want it to be a series of paper airplanes to terminals in the airport of everyday life. They are spaces between living that represent life. It can be read chronologically. It could be read backwards. It can be read with feet up or down. The poems like coffee. During takeoff and landing please put seat in upright position, and tray tables up. In the time between beginning and ending the world should change. The book creatively and thoughtfully conveys an emotional understanding that is my own, and that deserves to be shared because it insists on being written down, over and over again.

Poetry, Thesis, Poems, Creative Writing, 2012