Evaluation of SiteManager as a Tool to Collect Performance Time Data

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Virginia Tech

This work evaluates SiteManager, the construction documentation system used by VDOT, as a tool for collecting the daily installed quantity and active crew days necessary to populate the operations level of the database. This evaluation first sought to determine if SiteManager was a feasible option for collecting performance data. This was done by establishing data collection methods to enable SiteManager to have the ability to collect performance data, implementing the methods on select projects, resolving issues, and developing recommendations to cause SiteManager to be a more practical option. Secondly, a statistical analysis was performed to determine if the data collected from SiteManager was reasonably accurate. Thirdly, the technical issues of transferring performance data from SiteManager into the performance time database were resolved. It was found SiteManager could not be used in its current format to collect performance data and some modifications are required.

crew days, performance time data, production rate, daily installed quantity