Between the Intangible and Tangible


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Virginia Tech


Between the intangible and tangible is the realm in which this thesis investigation takes place. The material presented here in a roughly chronological progression represents an exploration over the course of a year. This organization of thoughts and images will illustrate the processes and discoveries which occurred during this exploration.

In architecture, the realm of the intangible represents ideas. Ideas are catalysts for further study and ultimate action. It was the aim of this thesis to not simply let an idea exist without further action, but to explore the evolution of an idea to the point where it may ultimately manifest in built form.

The realm of the tangible, in this case the physical object, is also not the emphasis of this thesis. It is simply part of the whole, not to be confused with some sort of final end result. The built object, when studied, helps inform the original idea.

The emphasis of this thesis is on the area between the intangible and the tangible. This is where explorations take place, discoveries are made, and where transformations occur. In essence, this is where the multitude acts of design transform ideas into the realm of architecture.



tectonics, tangible, workmanship, tectonic, intangible, Wood