Geographical Information System (GIS) web applications for data visualization of Drinking Water pipelines

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Virginia Tech


Robust decision support tools that aid water utilities to make informed, swift and precise decisions are becoming the need of the hour. Application of sophisticated models to aid the process of condition assessment and risk analysis on water pipelines have been limited owing to the lack of scalability, inability to incorporate external open source datasets and mathematically complicated output results. Interactive visualization of resultant model output is the key element in extracting valuable information to support decision making. This thesis presents a framework for visualization of data related to drinking water pipelines. Critical components of strategic, tactical and operational level decision making are explored in context with data presentation and information depiction. This thesis depicts various aspects of developing GIS web applications and their important functionalities for query and visualization of data. Multiple facets of data storage, standardization and application development are highlighted in this document. Publishing of application geo processing services in web environment is done through Virginia Tech enterprise geodatabase. Risk assessment and Performance models developed by a utility are projected in the application environment through help of widgets. Applications are coded into links on a Drupal website ( for model dissemination and utility engagement purposes.



Geographic Information System (GIS), Visualization, Drinking Water Pipelines