A comparison of various amounts of cottonseed meal in winter rations for fattening cattle

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

When corn and corn silage were fed in equal quantities to all lots of steers, the animals receiving four pounds of cotton seed meal per head per day made a greater average gain than those receiving either three, two, or one pound.

The animals receiving one pound cottonseed meal per head per day made cheaper gains, however, than did those receiving either two, three, or four pounds.

In other words, the average gains made by the various lots varied directly in proportion to the count of cottonseed meal fed, whereas the economy of gains varied inversely in proportion to the amount of cottonseed meal.

The greatest gains and quickest gains are not always the cheapest gains.

In the handling of feed lot cattle during the winter season under Virginia conditions, where cheap gains are sought, just enough high protein feed should be given to supply the actual need of the animal body.