Design and automation of MEDUSA (Materials and Electronic Device Universal System Analyzer)

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Virginia Tech

MEDUSA (Materials and Electronic Devices Universal System Analyzer) is a computer controlled automated workstation capable of conducting eight different experiments, under different independent parameters, and plotting twenty-eight different graphs representing basic semiconductor diode and transport characteristics. This thesis discusses the methodology of computer automation, and the development of the MEDUSA experimental test station.

MEDUSA is divided into four different sections: a controlling batch file, a parameter selection routine (PARAMETER), an experimental running routine (RUNIT), and a data manipulation/plotting routine (GRAPHICS). MEDUSA conducts these eight experiments (capacitance and conductance versus time, voltage, current versus voltage, van der Pauw, and four-point resistivity) over a temperature range of 10-600K, with minimal operator interaction.

The graphics routines, using elemental semiconductor equations, process the data, and plots high quality graphs suitable for publication. Device and material results are shown to substantiate the validity of this automated system.