Optical Analysis and Opto-Mechanical Design for Miniaturized Laser Illumination Module in 3D Areal Mapper

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Virginia Tech

A miniaturized spatial light modulator (SLM)-based structured-light illumination module with optical fiber input is designed to generate a coded 256 x 256 spots pattern for 3-D areal mapping applications. The projector uses the light from a He-Ne laser coupled to a polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber to illuminate a specially made hologram so that four virtual point sources are regenerated. The interference pattern of the four sources are filtered and modulated by an SLM. The output intensity can thus be encoded to form any arbitrary pattern through the electronic input applied to the SLM with a high speed. In this thesis, a complete optical diffraction analysis of the system is presented to provide guidelines for the optimal design of the system parameters. Through the theoretical analysis for square beam array generation, the important parameters for fabricating a hologram are given. The final system optical design and arrangement based on optical analysis are described. The detailed opto-mechanical construction of the LIM and the associated alignment, the computer simulation and the preliminary test results of the developed LIM are also provided.

Spatial light modulator, Structured light, Hologram