Codes from norm-trace curves: local recovery and fractional decoding

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Virginia Tech


Codes from curves over finite fields were first developed in the late 1970's by V. D. Goppa and are known as algebraic geometry codes. Since that time, the construction has been tailored to fit particular applications, such as erasure recovery and error correction using less received information than in the classical case. The Hermitian-lifted code construction of L'opez, Malmskog, Matthews, Piñero-González, and Wootters (2021) provides codes from the Hermitian curve over Fq2 which have the same locality as the well-known one-point Hermitian codes but with a rate bounded below by a positive constant independent of the field size. However, obtaining explicit expressions for the code is challenging. In this dissertation, we consider codes from norm-trace curves, which are a generalization of the Hermitian curve. We develop norm-trace-lifted codes and demonstrate an explicit basis of the codes. We then consider fractional decoding of codes from norm-trace curves, extending the results obtained for codes from the Hermitian curve by Matthews, Murphy, and Santos (2021).



algebraic geometry code, locally recoverable code, fractional decoding, norm-trace curve