A notation of energy conscious design: an architectural approach to energy conservation

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The energy crisis begins with human manners of using natural energy and his attitude toward the natural environment. The most effective actions of energy conservation in building design do not lie in engineering oriented solutions but are in the effort in designing with nature. Based on this belief, this thesis intends to investigate the potential of energy conservation in building and its relationship with architectural design.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a systematic method for designers to deal with energy problems. This method incorporates natural forces with human factors and aesthetic values in a systematic design approach of (1) exploring design situation, (2) analyzing the problem structure, (3) identifying design criteria, (4) investigating sub-solutions, (5) developing alternative solutions, and (6) evaluating and decision-making. Although it is an articulated approach, enough flexibility has been built in it so that the conventional designers may apply it in their design works. Nevertheless, it is believed that the greater benefit of this method can be achieved through a holistic attention to the proposed process.