A Methodology for Vulnerability Assessment of Glass Facades During Extreme Wind Events

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Virginia Tech


Despite advancements in glass facade systems and rigorous building codes requirements, glass façades often sustain damage or breaches during extreme wind events. This study aims to establish a framework that identifies a multitude of characteristics in common glass façade systems that may contribute to performance of a buildings with glass facades during natural wind disasters. Through a comprehensive analysis of damaged structures, common characteristics susceptible to damage after such events were identified. These characteristics served as a catalyst to explore other characteristic that may affect the performance of a structure's facade during extreme wind events. The identified characteristics were categorized into three groups: architectural components, structural components, and environmental. Proposed quantifiable methods aim to obtain qualitative measurements of existing glass facades. In the end, this thesis contributes to the broader goal of understanding the performance of glass facades during extreme wind events.



Glass facades parameters, Glass facade damages, Vulnerability assessment for glass facades, Extreme wind events.