Design of DC-DC converters using Tunable Piezoelectric Transformers

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Virginia Tech


This thesis introduces the ‘tunable’ piezoelectric transformers (TPT) which provide an extra control terminal, used in this case, to regulate the output voltage. A detailed mathematical analysis is done on the electrical equivalent circuit of the TPT to understand the effect of control terminal loading on the circuit performance. Based on this analysis, a variable capacitor connected across the control terminal is proposed to regulate the output voltage for line and load variations is suggested. The concept of ‘tunability’ in a TPT is introduced and mathematical conditions are derived to achieve the required ‘tunability’. This analysis can help a TPT designer to design the TPT for a specific application and predict the load and line regulations limits for a given design.

A circuit implementation of the variable capacitor, intended for control, is presented. With the proposed control circuit design, the effective value of a fixe capacitor can be controlled by controlling the duty cycle of a switch. Hence, this enables pulse width modulated (PWM) control for the TPT based converter operating at a constant frequency. Fixed frequency operation enables a high efficiency operation of TPT near its resonant frequency and the complete secondary control requires no isolation in the voltage feedback and control circuit. This prevents any ‘cross-talk’ between primary and secondary terminals and reduces the component count. The design of series input inductor for achieving zero voltage switching (ZVS) in the inverter switches for the new control is also discussed.

Experimental results for two different TPT designs are presented. Their differences in structure and its effect on the circuit performance has been discussed to support the mathematical analysis.



Piezoelectric Transformers, DC-DC converters