Five houses

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

School is a forum for continuous exploration, critique and innovation. This forum enables a student to develop a framework of operation.

Five houses are presented, each with shared concerns. These concerns are subjective and based on a critical awareness of site, history and form.

The houses are drawn in plan, section and elevation. The drawings are an attempt to convey the quality of the space. The drawings exist somewhere between the idea drawing and the construction drawing, but by no means are they a realization of the built space. The work thus confronts reality and yet hides from it.

The plans will never pretend to replace the work itself. They cannot be read in themselves. They are not a synthesis of anything and are no relation, then to drawn architecture. What is shown can only act as guides, navigational charts that lead to the precise act that is the work. Then the architecture comes into being.

Edward Bru