Targeting FoxO1 with AS1842856 Suppresses Adipogenesis


Hyperplasia (i.e., increased adipogenesis) contributes to excess adiposity, the hallmark of obesity that can trigger metabolic complications. As FoxO1 has been implicated in adipogenic regulation, we investigated the kinetics of FoxO1 activation during adipocyte differentiation, and tested the effects of FoxO1 antagonist (AS1842856) on adipogenesis. We found for the first time that the kinetics of FoxO1 activation follows a series of sigmoid curves, and reveals the phases relevant to clonal expansion, cell cycle arrest, and the regulation of PPAR?, adiponectin, and mitochondrial proteins (complexes I and III). In addition, multiple activation-inactivation transitions exist in the stage of terminal differentiation. Importantly, persistent inhibition of FoxO1 with AS1842856 almost completely suppressed adipocyte differentiation, while selective inhibition in specific stages had differential effects on adipogenesis. Our data present a new view of FoxO1 in adipogenic regulation, and suggest AS1842856 can be an anti-obesity agent that warrants further investigation.

Cell Biology, adipogenesis, AS1842856, FoxO1, mitochondria, Obesity, Activated receptor-gamma, White adipose-tissue, Adipocyte differentiation, Nutrient homeostasis, Insulin, Fat, Cells