Design framework for the graphical user interface of a terminal area air traffic advisory system

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this research thesis was to develop a framework and methodology for the design of a graphical user interface to be used by air traffic controllers. The interface is intended to be only a part of a complete Advisory System designed to supplement the tasks of terminal area air traffic controllers.

This research addresses many of the human factors issues associated with the development of the display. The research takes a user-perspective and applies the principles of rapid prototyping to develop the framework for the design of the interface. Attention is also given to the previous research that explores the implications of automating various air traffic control tasks.

Finally, a prototype system was developed to fulfill one of the primary rapid prototyping steps. The prototype displays the general format for the various advisories and presents three typical scenarios where the system may be of particular use. In the future, the prototype can be used to gather additional information on the opinions and requirements of the future system users - air traffic controllers. It is anticipated that moderate benefits can be attained through the implementation of such a system, provided that the interface satisfies the user requirements.

air traffic control, graphical user interface, rapid prototyping