On the feasibility and application of optical p to n inversion

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Virginia Tech

The feasibility of achieving carrier inversion of a properly doped crystal via optical excitation is studied. This process involves a host substrate doped with deep donors for n-type light characteristic and compensated by a shallow acceptor for p-type characteristic in the dark. This substrate is analyzed using well-known semiconductor equations. In addition conditions which must exist for carrier inversion are also specified. The solutions found are applied to a realistic set of dopants for illustrative purposes as well as indication of feasibility range. This inversion technique may possibly be used to generate bipolar junctions and thus devices. Other forms of photoconductivity are also qualitatively considered to supplement and extend the range of the inversion techniques applications. The processing of circuits using the developed concept offers possible interesting and useful advantages over existing techniques. The motivation for further research thus becomes obvious and is indeed the purpose of the thesis.