Nocturnal Flight: Dynamic Imagination in architecture


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Virginia Tech


The journey for my thesis wanted to be romantic and fantastic like our lives. We can maintain daily life in any given day with short compositions of memories. Every time you think about a moment, the memory reveals a different color and odor. The memory cam improve and become more romantic in its recollections as it becomes more significant in our lives.

I think that architecture has the similar logic with life. In the beginning we don't know what to expect. As our experiences grow, the images we absorb and imagine blink with the poetry of sense and imagination. The true image comes alive in a moment.

In order to have such short and meaningful moments in architecture, I interpreted and adopted notions from the book "Air and Dream: Imagination of Movement." by Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962). Dynamic Imagination was the key to my exploration. I dreamed and flew through the air with his poems and ideas.Watercolor was the main media I used to explore the moments of understanding between Bachelard and myself. Drawings and images from Bruno Taut and Yves Klein inspired me and lifted me higher and higher. Louis Sullivan was a nice guest to join in my journey and keep me close to the ground.

Most of all, after struggling with material and structure, I could convert my imaginary space for oneric flight into a place to reside. Sun and moon, river and wind, fairytales from my mother, these things came together to finally give birth to my project.

Now I am telling you about a building, which is located in Georgetown, in Washington DC. It is a place to record your voice, to write and read letters from your friends and to store personal belongings with the letters.



flight, voice record, letter, Gaston Bachelard