VOODIO: Proposal for an Online Video Content Creation Tool

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Virginia Tech


Video content is a massive source of entertainment, education, and income for a large population of online users. As more reliance upon this medium enters the field of education, formal and informal, people need tools to enhance their ability to tell stories and engage an audience. A tool that easily adjusts without compromising the interaction, the storytelling, or the visual moment, while also capturing as much information as possible, might be of great benefit to all creators of video content. Allowing tutorial creators the ability to efficiently record multiple views of their content may better aid in presenting concepts while retaining the attention of the viewership. The opportunity to present information effectively may have impacts on fields including education as well as entertainment. This thesis aims to explore possible reasons why content can be made to retain the audience's attention and to create a tool utilizing these facets for far reaching possibilities.



Industrial Design, Online Video, YouTube, Tutorials, Multi-Camera