Evaluation and Design of a SiC-Based Bidirectional Isolated DC/DC Converter


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Virginia Tech


Galvanic isolation between the grid and energy storage unit is typically required for bidirectional power distribution systems. Due to the recent advancement in wide-bandgap semiconductor devices, it has become feasible to achieve the galvanic isolation using bidirectional isolated DC/DC converters instead of line-frequency transformers.

A survey of the latest generation SiC MOSFET is performed. The devices were compared against each other based on their key parameters. It was determined that under the given specifications, the most suitable devices are X3M0016120K 1.2 kV 16 mohm and C3M0010090K 900 V 10 mohm SiC MOSFETs from Wolfspeed.

Two of the most commonly utilized bidirectional isolated DC/DC converter topologies, dual active bridge and CLLC resonant converter are introduced. The operating principle of these converter topologies are explained. A comparative analysis between the two converter topologies, focusing on total device loss, has been performed. It was found that the CLLC converter has lower total device loss compared to the dual active bridge converter under the given specifications. Loss analysis for the isolation transformer in the CLLC resonant converter was also performed at different switching frequencies. It was determined that the total converter loss was lowest at a switching frequency of 250 kHz

A prototype for the CLLC resonant converter switching at 250 kHz was then designed and built. Bidirectional power delivery for the converter was verified for power levels up to 25 kW. The converter waveforms and efficiency data were captured at different power levels. Under forward mode operation, a peak efficiency of 98.3% at 15 kW was recorded, along with a full load efficiency value of 98.1% at 25 kW. Under reverse mode operation, a peak efficiency of 98.8% was measured at 17.8 kW. The full load efficiency at 25 kW under reverse mode operation is 98.5%.



Isolated DC/DC Converter, Silicon Carbide, High-Frequency, CLLC Converter