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Virginia Tech


Octavia is a 3D animated story based on experiences of Army divers in the waters of Southeast Asia. I built a strong core set of skills in end-to-end 3D animation throughout my time in the graduate program, and I wanted to incorporate them into a real story for this thesis. The myriad of stories I grew up with inspired the development of this 3D animation due to their uniqueness and their nature as a verbal history.

This thesis is based on two objectives: technical excellence in the process of 3D animation, and sharing a previously verbal history to a larger audience. I achieved these goals using a variety of technical animation tools including ZBrush, Maya, Arnold, and Premier. Octavia itself is a modified story from my father's time diving in South Korea. The story details the interactions between an exceptionally curious octopus, Octavia, and a diver, taken from Octavia's perspective. The animation was well received during my defense for its technical difficulty and unique art styles. Octavia will be available online on my website.



Animation, 3D Art, ZBrush, Maya, Arnold, Octopus, Diving