A position on architectural education

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Virginia Tech


PART I I believe we are products of the age in which we live. Contemporary thinking shapes our historical present and reinterprets our historical past. This world is shaped by many keyhole views. The cornerstones of knowledge are built on a foundation of theory and objective reality. However, the fundamental underpinning of knowledge and theory lies in our perception of reality itself. The old cliche, “you don’t know what you have until you lose it,” is a perspective from which we can evaluate that which preceded as well as the threshold of new thought. A construction of reality is fundamental, yet particular to the temporal context. I propose to explore these issues and their relationship to judgement and decision making processes in design. The approach will be essentially pluralistic.

PART II The uncertainty of the historical present is coupled with a hope for the future. For many architects the future holds their vision and inspiration. The future is, after all, the horizon we travel toward. Man is now expanding this horizon to space and other planets with alternative environments. Part II will explore architecture as atmosphere, landscape and dwellings through a collection of paintings free of the constraints of existing technology and theory. Architecture must first exist in the mind and heart before it can come into being.