Delco light investigation

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


The object of this investigation is to make a comprehensive study and obtain reliable information on the possibilities and limitations of an isolated electric light plant; operating cost will be determined with practical equipment to be used in connection with same, under actual farm conditions.

The study was made on "Sandy Mound Farm" owned and operated by Mr. W. E. Hubbard. The farm is located two and one-half miles from Blacksburg, Virginia, near Shadow Lake. It consists of about 180 acres of crop land and 60 acres or woods. Mr. Hubbard operates a 20-cow dairy and sells cream to the southern Dairies at Christiansburg, Virginia. A complete farm management study was made of this farm as a Minor Problem.

The subject of this study is the new Four Cylinder Delco Light plant, Model No. 178, generating unit,end 160 amphers an hour battery.