Optic Revelation

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Virginia Tech


The thesis explores the utilization of light as a medium. How does light affect human experience? The revelations produced in this thesis showcase the beauty of seemingly mundane daily occurrences. Architects are the stewards of the built environment. Design application in a building directly contributes to daily human experience. Why can't standardized design application include the mastery of light? The design objective in this thesis is to manipulate light by creating spaces that enrich the viewer's comprehension of these experiences. The development of each space relies on experimentation, solar geometry, form, and materiality to achieve each revelation.

Each exhibition is designed to be an immersive experience where the presence of an individual allows the space to be revealed. In some of the experiments light uses the individual as the medium, while the other experiment's revelations are presented to the individual. While exploring the collection of spaces, each individual will encounter topics of sight, movement, and sky.



Light, Art, Museum