A consistent direct-iterative inverse design method for the Euler equations

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Virginia Tech


A new, consistent direct-iterative method is proposed for the solution of the aerodynamic inverse design problem. Direct-iterative methods couple analysis and shape modification methods to iteratively determine the geometry required to support a target surface pressure. The proposed method includes a consistent shape modification method wherein the identical governing equations are used in both portions of the design procedure. The new shape modification method is simple, having been developed from a truncated, quasi-analytical Taylor's series expansion of the global governing equations. This method includes a unique solution algorithm and a design tangency boundary condition which directly relates the target pressure to shape modification. The new design method was evaluated with an upwind, cell-centered finite-volume formulation of the two-dimensional Euler equations. Controlled inverse design tests were conducted with a symmetric channel where the initial and target geometries were known. The geometric design variable was a channel-wall ramp angle, 0, which is nominally five degrees. Target geometries were defined with ramp angle perturbations of J10 = 2 %, 10%, and 20 %. The new design method was demonstrated to accurately predict the target geometries for subsonic, transonic, and supersonic test cases; M=0.30, 0.85, and 2.00. The supersonic test case efficiently solved the design tests and required very few iterations. A stable and convergent solution process was also demonstrated for the lower speed test cases using an under-relaxed geometry update procedure. The development and demonstration of the consistent direct-iterative method herein represent the important first steps required for a new research area for the advancement of aerodynamic inverse design methods.