Synthesis of electric networks interconnecting PZT actuators to efficiently damp mechanical vibrations


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Virginia Tech


The aim of this thesis is to show that it is possible to damp mechanical vibrations in a given frame, constituted by Euler beam governed by the equations of an elastica, by means of piezoelectric actuators glued on every beam and interconnected each other via electrical networks.Since we believe that the most efficient way to damp mechanical vibrations by means of electrical networks, is to realize a strong modal coupling between the electrical and the mechanical motion, we will synthesize a distributed circuit analog to the Euler beam.We will approach this synthesis problem following the black box approach to mechanical systems, studied by many engineers and scientists during the 1940's in an attempt to design analog computers.It will be shown that it is possible to obtain a quick energy exchange between its mechanical and electrical forms, using available piezoelectric actuators.Finally we will study a numerical simulation for the damping of transverse vibrations of a beam clamped at both ends.



Distributed control, Vibration control, Black box approach, Piezoelectric actuators, Electrical analogs, Passive networks