Bryn Myrrdin: a temple in time

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Virginia Tech

From the stars we are born, and to the stars we return. The heavens hold our heritage and our destiny. Throughout Man’s history, marking the positions of the moon and stars has been essential to knowing one’s place in the cosmos, to defining the cycle of seasons and Time itself. To connect Man between Heaven and Earth. In Architecture, it is fitting to celebrate the stars. To celebrate Light and the spaces contained within. Torevere silence in the space created by star light.

In this Thesis, a central premise is Architecture to mark the rising and setting of the Sun, Moon, and stars. An Architecture of exploration where the forms are generated from astronomical markers, alignments from the stars. To capture a moment in time. As stars are beacons for Man’s hopes and dreams, the Temple complex I propose is a beacon for Man coming together to share his visions with one another in harmony.

A world center is eventually to be built where philosophers, artists, writers, scientists, politicians, and musicians can come together to exchange their ideas and aspirations in lectures, workshops, concerts, theater, dance, and art. A place for gathering to include studios and living areas, as well as a library. A space for solitude, meditation and the pursuit of one's own dreams. A place for the Vision quest, for contemplation and spiritual renewal. Architecturally, the crystallization of sacred geometry to create a sacred space.