Properties of mortar bond to various brick

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

The project was broken down into the following Proposals: Proposal I - A comparison of the previous method of making brick couplets with a modified Pearson Method. Proposal II - A comparison of mortar bonds using two mortar flows, three mortars, and two methods of forming couplets. Proposal III - A comparison of mortar bond to brick with emphasis in texture of surface of brick in contact with mortar which joins them. Proposal IV - A comparison of the mortar bond of a make of brick of original high suction rate with a representative of the same make of brick and the same suction rate but which has been adjusted to successively lower suction rates. Proposal V - The effects of adjustments of suction rate on mortar bond properties. Proposal VI - A comparison of the mortar bond of a low suction rate brick with a medium suction rate brick using two surface textures. Proposal VII - A comparison of the mortar bond on one type brick using cored and solid brick. Two different suction rates were used.