Analysis of a membrane type blood oxygenator and a ventricle type blood pump

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This study presented the development and in vitro analysis of the Arp Hembrane Type Blood Oxygenator and a ventricle type blood pump. The system is designed for newborns suffering from Respiratory Distress Syndrome (R.D.S.), especially the 15% who are unable to be helped by the Arp Infant Respirator.

The analysis included oxygen transfer studies and hemolysis studies. The oxygenator was able to transfer as much as 140cc0₂/min/m² at a flow rate of 300 ml/min with flow augmentation. Inlet oxygen saturation 1vas between 25-35%.

Both the oxygenator and the ventricle type blood pump caused only very low levels of hemolysis. The pump showed a net increase of 54 mg hemoglobin/100 ml plasma after 5 days of continuous running at a flow rate of 200 ml/min. The complete extracorporeal circuit showed a net increase of only 61 mg hemoglobin/100 ml plasma.

From this study, it is believed that this extracorporeal circuit can ,supply oxygen (140 cc0₂/min/m²) to a patient over an extended period of total or partial cardiopulmonary by-pass (at least 5 days) without significant levels of hemolysis (61 mg% after 5 days).