Latter-day Saint Couples' Experience as Newlyweds

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Virginia Tech

While there is a growing body of knowledge on newlyweds and the transitions they go through, very little is known about the experience of newlyweds who are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). The purpose of this study was to gain a picture of the LDS newlywed experience through in-depth interviews. Seeking to understand the overall experience of LDS newlyweds, this study was conducted using a phenomenological perspective to explore how these couples' expectations of marriage correspond with their actual experience of marriage, how the LDS faith influenced the expectations and/or experience of marriage, and finally to uncover what external and internal factors helped or hindered their transition to marriage. In-depth interviews were conducted with six young LDS newlywed couples and were coded for themes. The main themes found include the pressure to marry, process of discovering sexual intimacy and an overall evaluation of expectations and experience. Implications for therapists and future research are indicated.

Latter-day Saints, newlywed, experience, expectations