School for Children who are Blind

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Virginia Tech

Architecturally, my thesis project is a new type of design for children who have visual impairments. Most of the children who have visual impairments need more attention to receive a full education. With a proper education they will be able to start living by themselves without any assistance.

I decided to design a school which would support the needs of the children and the aspirations of their parents; a place of safety and ambition that would free instructors and inspire the children. Then, I began to seek an architectural site program where I could locate my design.

Old town Alexandria is an excellent location for the planned education center. Old town has its own urban context with boundaries like  the Potomac River,  trees, old railroad ways,  a  tunnel,  and other landmarks  like churches,  libraries, museums,  etc.  The children  in  the education  center  have  an  opportunity  to  learn  more  and  show  their  life  skills  easily  in  the  old town.  Also the site selection and location was important due to the history of the town, easy transportation and connections with surroundings, being right next to the Potomac River and minutes away from the Washington DC.

Architecture, Education, Blind, Space, Human senses, Light, Material, Visual Impairment