Tazewell County's Mining Industry and its relationship to the Religious, Educational and Political Culture

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Virginia Tech

There is significant historical research on coal, education, religion, churches, and cultural values of the Tazewell County. However, there is no research weaving all of these elements together to tell a story of the county and its political development. This research project is a qualitative study in which I wish to reveal the story of the culture, specifically the political culture, of Tazewell County.

I would like to examine objectively whether or not the mining industry has had an effect on the cultural aspects of the county. I want to ask: Is there evidence that the coal industry has shaped the political culture of Tazewell County and, if so, through what mechanisms did it exert this influence?

Research will include the examination of mechanisms by which a political culture is created in single-dominant industry communities, such as Tazewell County Virginia. Research will include elements of political socialization such as peer groups, coal camps, church groups, family and community. The research will specifically focus on religion and education and how they have or have not defined the political culture of the area.

coal, religion, political socialization, Education, mining industry