3D Commutation-Loop Design Methodology for a SiC Based Matrix Converter run in Step-up mode with PCB Aluminum Nitride Cooling Inlay


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Virginia Tech


This work investigates three-dimensional power loop layout for application to a SiC based matrix converter, providing a symmetric, low-inductance solution. The thesis presents various layout types to achieve this design target, and details the implementation of a hybrid layout to the matrix converter phase-leg. This layout is more easily achievable with a surface-mount device package, which also offers benefits such as ease in manufacturing, and a compact package. In order to implement a surface-mount device, a PCB thermal management strategy should be utilized. An evaluation of these methods is also presented in the work. The final power loop solution that implements an aluminum nitride inlay is evaluated through simulated parasitic extraction and experimental double pulse tests. The layout achieves small, symmetric loop inductances. Finally, the full power, three-phase matrix converter demonstrates the successful implementation of this power loop layout.



matrix converter, silicon carbide, surface mount device, power loop design, low inductance