Space: Working and Living


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Virginia Tech


what is architecture?

what defines space?

how do you define separation and integration of spaces?

what is the relationship of human scale to space elements?

how can architecture be studied?

Architecture is an combination of science and art to make spaces for human needs and activities. What can an architect do to make a project, a building, not only serve its purpose but to go beyond that? A space supports human desire and imagination. Architecture provides the means and methods to make the spaces. The elements of the structure, column, wall, beam, and floor, play a very important role in defining and/or dividing a space. A room can be defined by four walls, columns or even beams. The material of the floor also outlines space. Walls, a series of columns, or ceiling beams can define an edge or enclose space and differentiate its meaning and function. The understanding of these elements and their relationship with each other and with people is the purpose of this study.

In an urban situation often there is a need to design buildings with spaces for multiple activities. Separation of spaces and functions, as well as integration of different parts, is vital in such a design. Columns and walls enclose the space and characterize privacy. Their material and its characteristics make the edges of space opaque, transparent or semitransparent. The dimensions of columns and beams show the scale of the space, constraining the relationship of the people to the structural elements.



Roanoke, integration, downtown, Space, working, living, separation, Architecture, layers