Applying Reservoir Computing for Driver Behavior Analysis and Traffic Flow Prediction in Intelligent Transportation Systems


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Virginia Tech


In the realm of autonomous vehicles, ensuring safety through advanced anomaly detection is crucial. This thesis integrates Reservoir Computing with temporal-aware data analysis to enhance driver behavior assessment and traffic flow prediction. Our approach combines Reservoir Computing with autoencoder-based feature extraction to analyze driving metrics from vehicle sensors, capturing complex temporal patterns efficiently. Additionally, we extend our analysis to forecast traffic flow dynamics within road networks using the same framework. We evaluate our model using the PEMS-BAY and METRA-LA datasets, encompassing diverse traffic scenarios, along with a GPS dataset of 10,000 taxis, providing real-world driving dynamics. Through a support vector machine (SVM) algorithm, we categorize drivers based on their performance, offering insights for tailored anomaly detection strategies. This research advances anomaly detection for autonomous vehicles, promoting safer driving experiences and the evolution of vehicle safety technologies. By integrating Reservoir Computing with temporal-aware data analysis, this thesis contributes to both driver behavior assessment and traffic flow prediction, addressing critical aspects of autonomous vehicle systems.



echo-state networks, reservoir computing, intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, traffic flow prediction, driver behavior classification, trajectory prediction.