An experimental investigation of the harmonic excitation of simply supported plates with multiple surface-bonded piezoceramic actuators

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Virginia Tech


The harmonic excitation of simply supported Euler plates is performed experimentally using arrays of piezoceramic patch pair actuators bonded to the plate surface. The experimental techniques used are presented, and the effects of patch location, relative actuator phasing, and excitation frequency on modal excitation are demonstrated. In addition, experimental results are compared to a previously developed closed-form solution which predicts the modal distribution due to such excitation. Finally, a finite element model of a simpler 2-D case of beam actuation is employed to illustrate the effects of the adhesive layers between the patches and structure on modal excitation.

Results show that the closed-form solution is capable of predicting both the relative modal distribution and absolute modal amplitudes for different experimental configurations and indicate that with knowledge of the system resonant frequencies and nodal lines, experimental parameters such as excitation frequency, patch location, and relative patch phasing can be logically manipulated to produce a desired vibrational response. The results of the finite element analysis reveal that the net effect of the finite adhesive layer depends on both the stiffness and thickness of the layer, and that increasing either of these parameters can result in multiple consequences, which can combine to positively or negatively affect modal excitation levels.