Baculovirus stability in serum-free lyophilized and wet storage conditions

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Virginia Tech


The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is an effective way to produce recombinant proteins for biopharmaceuticals. However baculovirus stocks are stored in subzero temperatures to maintain virus stability, and fetal bovine serum is commonly used in the storage solution. In an effort to lower transportation and storage costs, a storage formulation that can effectively store the baculovirus in above frozen temperatures without the use of FBS would be beneficial. In this study, DMSO, ethylene glycol, glycerol, sucrose, sorbitol, sucrose-phosphate, and sucrose-phosphate-glutamate were added to baculovirus stock at various concentrations to determine the most effective stabilizer for virus storage at 4°C. Of the seven additives studied, 1 M sorbitol most effectively preserved baculovirus stock over a period of 47 weeks stored in 4°C. Formulations that include sucrose, L-arginine, and Pluronic F68 were created to determine their effectiveness on virus stability in a freeze-dried state stored at room temperature. In a lyophilized state, 0.5 M sucrose maintained baculovirus stock stability after 5 weeks of storage. Lyophilized stocks not containing sucrose were no longer infective after 5 weeks.



baculovirus protein expression system, stability, storage, lyophilization