Transitions Of Light

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Virginia Tech


My work attempts to articulate how the format visual information is presented in changes our understanding of the visual information and our relationship to it. I explore analog and digital conversions, the audio and the visual sharing 3 dimensional space, and explore our relationship with screens, information and light. This paper discusses the ideas and underlying themes within my digital works that center around light as a form of information and communication. My work is also related to the transformation of technology that has occurred across many platforms throughout my lifetime. The most striking example is the telephone. The telephone has transitioned from an analog device on the wall that we speak into, to the phone we know today; a computer we carry around in our pocket with a screen we communicate through. This transformation of technology has changed our daily lives in ways past generations only dreamt of. We no longer log on or go online. We are always connected to a network of information, individuals and communities by an endless live stream of data. We live in an information super age, where we have access to nearly the entirety of knowledge humans have been able to acquire. Whether by reading by candle light, or a collection of pixels in the form of a screen, we use light to communicate all of these ideas and information. Social media, global positioning systems and on demand services have reached a point where our actions and nearly everything around us is tied to a computational system. My work attemps to bring this computational system into our physical space, where it can be acknowledged in the form of light and sound.



digital art, light, light art, new aesthetic, post digital, technology, projection mapping, spatialized audio, TouchDesigner, creative technology