A creative arts center for Charleston, West Virginia

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

This thesis deals primarily with the importance of the arts to society and a means by which the arts might be used to develop our culture. First it was necessary to investigate the effects of the arts on society and the relationship between the arts and everyday life in America. From the findings of this investigation evolved a means by which our culture might be advanced through the arts. This means takes the form of art centers on a community scale.

Charleston, West Virginia was selected by the author as an appropriate location for such an art center because of the interest displayed in the arts by many of its local organizations and because of its lack of facilities to house the functions of these organizations. The basic concept of the Creative Arts Center to serve this community not merely as a place for exhibition and presentation of the arts, but as a workshop where music, the dance, architecture, sculpture, painting , and literature will play a great part in the public's daily lives, was of paramount consideration.