Attitudes toward parents and teachers and general adjustment of high school seniors in relation to school progress and acceptance among associates

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

The objective of this study was to determine the association between the student’s general adjustment and his attitudes towards his parents and teachers and his school progress and the degree to which he was accepted by associates in social situations.

Seventy high school senior girls and boys living in a small town and the surrounding area furnished the date for this study. The data on these students were secured from five sources. Information on attributes towards parents and teachers, social acceptability, and socio-economic factors was obtained by the questionnaire method. The questionnaires were completed by the students during their homeroom periods. Information on personality adjustments was obtained by the use of the bell adjustment inventory which was completed by the students during their home-room periods and was augmented by the combined ratings of three teachers. Rating of I. Q. was obtained by the Otis Quick-Scoring Gamma test. Information on school progress was obtained from the permanent school records.