A multi-attribute supply chain network resilience assessment framework based on SNA-inspired indicators


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This study proposes a supply chain resilience assessment framework at the network (i.e. structural) level based on quantifying supply chain networks’ structural factors and their relationships to different resilience strategies, by using a hybrid DEMATEL-ANP approach. DEMATEL is used to quantify interdependencies between the structural resilience factors, and between the resilience strategies. ANP is then used to quantify the outer-dependencies among these elements and to construct the limit super-matrix from which the global weights of all the decision network’s elements are estimated. To create the structural resilience factors, different network factors are selected and adopted from the social network analysis and supply chain resilience literatures. A case study is then performed to assess the performance of the proposed approach and to derive important observations to support future decision making. According to the results, the proposed approach can suitably measure the resilience performance of a supply chain network and help decision makers plan for more effective resilience improvement actions.



Technology, Operations Research & Management Science, 0102 Applied Mathematics, 0806 Information Systems, 1503 Business and Management