The Development of Cytogenetic Maps for Malaria Mosquitoes

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Anopheline mosquitoes are important vectors of human malaria. Next-generation sequencing opens new opportunities for studies of mosquito genomes to uncover the genetic basis of a Plasmodium transmission. Physical mapping of genome sequences to polytene chromosomes significantly improves reference assemblies. High-resolution cytogenetic maps are essential for anchoring genome sequences to chromosomes as well as for studying breakpoints of chromosome rearrangements and chromatin protein localization. Here we describe a detailed pipeline for the development of high-resolution cytogenetic maps using polytene chromosomes of malaria mosquitoes. We apply this workflow to the refinement of the cytogenetic map developed for Anopheles beklemishevi.



cytogenetic map, chromosome map, malaria mosquitoes, Anopheles, polytene chromosomes, Anopheles beklemishevi, chromosome map development, photomap, high-pressure technique, chromosome straightening


Artemov, G.N.; Stegniy, V.N.; Sharakhova, M.V.; Sharakhov, I.V. The Development of Cytogenetic Maps for Malaria Mosquitoes. Insects 2018, 9, 121.