Control Design for an Inertially Stabilized Rifle

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Virginia Tech

An alternate method for mitigating the depredating physiological affects of a soldiers marksmanship due to combat stressors can be achieved through the design and implementation of a active stabilization system for small arms weapons. The INSTAR system is an innovative active stabilization system designed to decouple the shooter's disturbance effects from the barrel movement. The INSTAR system uses an piezoelectric actuator separating the barrel of the rifle from its stock to stabilize barrel movement. This paper uses various control techniques to develop control algorithms for simulation. The level of performance for each control algorithm is based on how well each they measure up to the criteria developed from the INSTAR system. This paper furthers research on INSTAR by developing and comparing four control designs that may be implemented within the INSTAR system.

Control, Disturbance Rejection, INSTAR, Active Stabilization, Jitter